Học bổng tại Trường Đại học OTH Regensburg

Trong khuôn khổ hợp tác giữa Trường ĐH Công nghê, ĐHQGHN và Trường ĐH OTH. Trường OTH có chương trình trao đổi học tập như dưới thư. Sinh viên có mong muốn tham dự thực hiện theo các yêu cầu phía dưới. Nếu cần hỗ trợ gì các em liên hệ trực tiếp với cô Đỗ Thị Hồng Nhung (nhungdo@vnu.edu.vn)- chuyên viên Phòng Khoa học Công nghệ và Hợp tác phát triển của Nhà trường.


To prepare for the upcoming winter semester 2019/20 please find general information regarding student exchange here:



Please send your nominations according to our contract to: incoming-international@oth-regensburg.de

Deadlines for Nominations:

    for Winter Semester (September – February): 1st May

  for Summer Semester (March – July): 15th November


Your students will receive a link for registration after the nomination deadline. Please point out that there is an application deadline for the registration.

Deadlines for student applications:

for Winter Semester (September – February): 1st June

for Summer Semester (March – July): 1st December

For a successful registration, the students need to prepare their learning agreement, scan of ID/ passport and their health insurance proof. They have to upload it along with the online registration.


We recommend all international exchange students to apply for a student room in a dorm. The room situation in Regensburg for students is very difficult. Additionally, they need to fill out an application form for accommodation.

More information can be found here:



OTH offers a broad list of courses taught in English. They are published some weeks before the new semester start. For orientation, the students can fill out their learning agreements looking at the course offer of winter semester 2018/19 for orientation. The courses can be found here:


The required level of English is B2.

If students study courses in German language, we also recommend a level of minimum B2 to successfully complete their semester here at OTH.

Course overview can be found here:


Exchange students can take courses from different faculties and different degree programmes!


We offer German languages courses at all levels free of charge during the semester. The students will receive further information as soon as they are accepted.


It is compulsory that incoming students arrive by the beginning of September for the winter semester starting in October.

We will offer many events, obligatory meetings and a colourful programme for the exchange students during the first weeks.

The exact days will be published after the registration of the students.